Dallas Stars Daily Links: Perfect PK Propels The Stars To 3-2 Second-Round Lead

Dallas Stars Daily Links: Perfect PK Propels The Stars To 3-2 Second-Round Lead 

Early in his recap of the Dallas Stars’ Game 5 victory, Sean Shapiro explains why St. Louis Blues fans hold both arms straight up over their heads just before a power play:

Apparently, this is supposed to mimic a two-pronged electrical plug being inserted into a power outlet. The team, in theory, is plugging in and charging up on the “power” play.

But the Stars pulled the plug on the Blues’ man advantage all night. The Victory Green gang held St. Louis to a measly five shots on eight minutes of PP time, and they generated two high-danger shots while short-handed in the bargain.
Esa Lindell scored the game-winner after bouncing a puck off of defender Jay Bouwmeester, which poured extra halite on some already salty Blues fans:
“I was lucky that he (Alexander Radulov) dropped it to me. He likes to hang onto those pucks, and I guess I talked a lot to him and he heard me (calling for the puck),” Lindell said. “Klinger was yelling at me that there was a back-checker coming, so that’s why I moved more into the middle to the backhand and then I just shot it. I think it changed direction, and I was lucky that it went in. It’s always nice to score.”
It was another rough break for Bouwmeester, who has had three goals deflect in off him this series, and only added to Blues’ fans distaste for Lindell, who was greeted by one fan-made sign that read, “St. Louis welcomes the Dallas diving team and captain Esa Lindell.”
AHL stalwart Dillon Heatherington talked about his NHL playoffs debut last night:
“We had a (Black Ace) skate two days ago and I got pulled off the ice and got told I was going on the trip, and I knew something was maybe in the works,” Heatherington said. “I didn’t know it was possibly going to happen to this morning and then when I found out I was all smiling.”
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Esa Lindell in a cowboy hat is worth the trip all by itself.

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