Learn common phrasal verbs

Take a look
E.g. I'll take a look at the website and let you know what I think.
Take a nap
E.g. I usually take a nap after lunch.
Take a picture
E.g. Could I take a picture of you?
Take a shower
E.g. I usually take a shower before having my breakfast.
Take a taxi
E.g. Let's not take a taxi; we can easily walk over.
Take medicine
E.g. Take medicine when you get gripes.


Throw away
Meaning: Waste, to squander
E.g. The team threw away its chance at the semifinals.
Throw in
Meaning: Add something extra free of charge
E.g. If you take a large size, we'll throw in a set of tea towels.
Throw off
Meaning: Confuse; especially, to lose a pursuer
E.g. I never saw her without glasses before, so it threw me off when she got contact lenses.
Throw on
Meaning: Hastily put on (clothes)
E.g. He threw on a T-shirt and raced outside.
Throw out
Meaning: Discard; to dispense with something
E.g. Just throw out that pen if it doesn't write anymore
Throw out
Meaning: Produce in a haphazard fashion
E.g. This program keeps throwing out errors.
Meaning: Cause something one is holding to drop
E.g. The soldiers threw down their weapons and surrendered.
Throw up

Meaning: Vomit
E.g. The baby threw up all over my shirt.

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